How to make Valentine’s Day a special occasion for your customers and why this matters

IMPORTANT: Please watch this video below before reading on. 

Even though the video is about Mother’s Day. It is still fully relevant to how you could wow your customers ! :))) 

In many of our materials, we have mentioned that when creating marketing campaigns, there is a vital step that must be put in prior to planning how to advertise or how to sell, in order to create a deep impression among your prospects or customers.. 

We call this Un-Advertising. Simply put, it is a systematic approach to create a positive name, image, and perception to make the public choosing you over your competition.

(Read about the concept of Un-Advertising

There are many examples of Un-Advertising covered in our marketing system but in this article, we will share a simple way to create a positive name, image among your customers and also on social media. 

There are many many occasions where you can create a deep impression for your prospects and clients. 

We will use Mother’s Day as one such occasion. 

In this case, we will use a simple approach of handling out flowers. 

Purpose For Flower Program:

To bring a smile and a moment of happiness to customers or prospects — to stand out by doing something unexpected and different.


 1.  Find two to three times a year when you will be giving flowers to every woman and man who comes through your door. Mother’s Day is a great occasion and so are Valentine’s Day, beginning of spring, Client Appreciation Week, Secretary Week, etc.

2. Give the flowers at the beginning of the visit. Point out the occasion, be inventive about the message when it does not fit, e.g., a girl is not a mom.  

You could say, “Well, one day probably you will be, so have a _____________.” – OR – she is not a secretary, “Well, I’m sure you help your husband, boyfriend, etc., and deserve it anyhow.”  

Get the idea – be upbeat and communicate! 

You could also say, “Here is a flower to give to your Mom, secretary etc.”

3. Give the flowers out for at least one to one and a half weeks before the actual occasion so that you dazzle as many customers as possible with those flowers.

4. Decorate the office a bit, not too much is needed maybe the staff wearing buttons for the occasion or decoration with balloons. 

5. Buy enough flowers for 2–3 days out, usually we use carnations since they are the least expensive ones and also last the longest. (There may be also wholesale flower markets in your area whereby you could find great prices.) Put them into a nice big vase in the reception and take one out every time a customer arrives.

6. Make sure to take pictures of some customers as they are getting the flowers, or of a group of customers getting them and/or take pictures with the big vase of flowers and with a “Happy Mother’s Day” or “Happy Valentine’s Day” sign.

(Inexpensive signs could be bought at places like Walmart etc.) for display in the office afterwards and the web site.

7. Post on social media not just one time, but EVERY DAY. 

Important: to drive more traffic to your social media posts, tag the customer(s) in the pictures. They will get a notification that you have shared something about them.  

Tagging and doing “shoutouts” in a correct way on social media is the best way to increase organic followers without advertising. 

(Read our Un-Advertising social media strategy program)

What a great way to get free exposure via social media.

8. One extra step to drive traffic and exposure for your business is to create a press release based on this event and send to all major news network. (Read How to Send Press Release guide.) 

9. For businesses where your customers are not at your location, this strategy can be adapted to wowing your customers in same ways over long distances. 

Remember, as the saying goes, it’s the thought that counts. 

(A thought of someone, to send them an old-fashioned greeting card to say hello, or a personal text to ask someone how they are doing when it is not expected, it goes a long way.)  

The outcome:

As you carry out small gestures and surprise your customers, the impression created — the extra care presented — is something that advertising cannot create. 

Maybe a customer will never come back to your business again despite your extra services or care. 

But he or she will remember their experience with you. 

Word-of-mouth of your business grows not always because of your great work delivered, but of your extra care above and beyond your work — which makes your customers choose you over your competitors for a long time to come!. 

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Helmut Flasch

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