An Award-Winning Strategy to Get New Patients Without Wasting Money on Advertising

Receive A 30-day Done-For-you New patients Un-Advertising Program At no cost.

What will be covered in this 30 days of Done-For-You Service:

Discuss and decide what is needed and wanted in your office based on YOUR desires and goals.


Based on your long and short time desires and goals, we will create a custom-made strategy plan.


This will include NOT ONLY marketing but a whole practice strategy — including an exit strategy if so desired!


After this discussion, you will have confidence in what it takes to bring your practice and your personal life where you want it to be.


You will love it!!


In this meeting, we of course will also tell you how we will proceed after the 30 days and what the costs involved will be.


We assume you are taking up this 30 day test-drive to feel confident that we are a good fit for each other.  


Note: there is no obligation to continue after our 30 day test drive is done

You get to keep all new patients and all our full done-for-you marketing campaigns


But whether you go ahead and continue with our full Un-Advertising program or not — you will be happy — very happy with the benefits from our 30-day test drive!


We will run new patient campaigns on one of these platforms and send you new patient leads.


  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Linkedin
  4. Google
  5. Youtube

Important note:
Posting alone on social media will never get new patients in a quantity large enough to make a difference for profits.

Our internet “omni-presence” approach (promoting your services in ALL internet platforms) transform social media visitors to actual new patients.


This works even if you do not have large followings or activities on your social media platforms.

By the way, Un-Advertising strategies will not interfere with any of your current well-running campaigns, but can further enhance effectiveness of ALL campaigns.


You and your staff do not need to do any work for any of the above setup steps (except approving our suggestions.)

Un-Advertising shares heartwarming or funny or interesting stories about you and your practice.



We have found that these heartwarming story-telling messages turn more heads and stay in prospects’ minds much longer and thus also make any traditional advertising far more effective.



If you wish to sell more high ticket services, or you like to receive more professional referrals, these story-telling messages will create a deep impression among your prospects and/or referrals.



We create the message and any images, videos you may need.



You will be able to keep all the marketing contents we have custom-made for you, even if you decide NOT to continue with our Un-Advertising program.



You will be miles ahead of your competition just with this one part alone.


We will run your campaigns, monitor the results, and send you any patient leads! (Hurray!)



A complete automated “follow-up” system will also be set up for you, to ensure these patient leads are being instantaneously followed up.



When these follow-up systems are set up and running, in the long run, you will see a huge difference in the increase of new patients and returning patient appointments!


We will write press stories about your practice and upon your approval, submit to major news networks such as Fox, NBC, ABC news etc. 

This type of press online as well as offline will create strong online presence and create additional word-of-mouth — raise your good reputation and spread it to a wider range in your community! 

This is the ultimate of “
having other people toot your horn.”


I promise you — you will get addicted to it!

You may have unique situations in your office which you like to improve.  

Such as: Treatment plan acceptance, appointment scheduling, staffing issues, or like to cut back on working without reducing income but do not know how. 

With 30 years experience of working with dentists and small business owners, we can probably provide insights and resolve some of your more pressing concerns! 

Yes – there is a way to stop being overworked and underpaid – even for doctors!!

It is well-known that one should have several sources of income!!

This is not always easy to achieve. 

In the last 30 years of consulting dentists, we have over and over again seen that doctors at around 45 – 55 years of age would love to ALSO engage in other activities and cut down the practice hours just a bit — or sometimes a lot!!

In the last 10-20 years, the cost of running a practice has been rising and less profits returned.

Whether you will be retiring soon or still intend to practice for a long while, we will discuss with you how to set up viable income streams OUTSIDE of your profession using the  digital online business model. 

This step can help you see a light at the end of the tunnel, without worrying about income stopping because you are not working!!


This Sounds Too Good To be True. Why are we giving away 30 days of services
for free?
Here is why...
For 30 years, we help dentists, doctors to solve 5 main problems in their practices

Results From Application

Solo practitioner revitalized a stagnant business and tripled his new patients after only 4 months of using these marketing principles.

A doctor constantly had no time and yet business was hitting bottom. After 6 months of using this marketing principle his production DOUBLED. He hired more help and now could breathe!
NBC News

"Powerful innovation allows dentists to obtain paying customers using Facebook"

Dental Economics

"Integrates a more dentist-comfortable method for acquiring professional and patient referrals..."

CBS Channel 2 News

"They are all over the United States ... it's people helping people..."

MD News

"Gives physicians the ability to create a high level of public exposure..."

The story of a dentist-turned-movie-producer

A dentist in Mumbai met Mr Flasch and have asked him if he could grow his practice beyond that of a solo practitioner. Mr Flasch answered with a resounding “Yes, of course!” and showed him how.

Now, this dentist has two offices, with 30 doctors working for him.

But that is not the best yet. He also has enough time to pursue his hobby – film-making. He has produced a movie for which he has won an award because the movie has lasted 52 weeks in the box office, shown in theaters across the country!

“Thanks to Mr Flasch, I achieved my goal for my practice and I also attained my goal for my personal life!”

-Dr UT, dentist in Mumbai


Dr. Vraljal DC California

“I have invested thousands of dollar in practice management consultants without getting significant improvement. From the time Doctor Relations started to help me, my statistics doubled up in new patients in the first month and tripled in three months.”

Dr. Kamran DDS California

“I have tripled my practices. In the past year and a half, I have not practiced dentistry myself because there’s no need to practice!”

Dr. Sam DDS New York

“The event was a success and we managed to get EVERY news station in [city] to attend.  It was broadcast that night on all news stations.”

Dr. Roy DDS California

“In just 2 years since you started helping us with your philosophy my practice has dramatically improved.  Again in just 2 years I went from seeing an average of 12 new patients a month to seeing 125 new patients a month, from just one doctor to six doctors in my office.”


Dr. Stan MD Alabama

“My patients more than doubled within 5 months and production doubled in 6 months!”

Dr. Terry DDS Utah

Fox News contacted me and I went on TV to talk about this event and about my practice. People lined up at 4am outside my practice on the day of the event. I serviced 37 people on this day.

Dr. JH MS, PT, DC, California

“I have learnt many things from Doctor Relations so far but one of the most unusual and valuable thing has been learning how to create my own news coverage. I know this skill will continue to help me throughout my career.” “I don’t know of any other management consulting company that teaches health professionals how to get their own news coverage.”
Doctors Using Un-Advertising Strategy Making an Impact in Their Community
Helmut Flasch
CEO, Flasch International

Flasch International is most well-known for the national award-winning marketing strategy called “Un-Advertising.”

Un-Advertising means to make use of other entities outside your office to market your message for you.

“Instead of you tooting your own horn (advertising), get other people to toot the horn for you (un-advertising.)”

The founder, Mr. Helmut Flasch, has helped doctors, dentists and small to large business owners in over 3 continents to grow and expand their businesses.

Helmut is also a bestselling author. His works consist of:

As an international speaker, he has lectured to hundreds of thousands audiences around the world about solving seemingly complex work and life problems, with simple practical solutions.

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