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Create Massive “Patient Referrals” Online Without You Asking For Referrals

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NBC News

NBC News

“…powerful innovation allows dentists to obtain paying customers using Facebook”

CBS Channel 2 News

CBS Channel 2 News

“They are all over the United States … it’s people helping people…”

Dental Economics

Dental Economics

“…integrates a more dentist-comfortable method for acquiring professional and patient referrals…”

MD News

MD News

“…gives physicians the ability to create a high level of public exposure…”

How Does This Life Moment Picture Program Increase Your Referrals Massively? 

First, Let’s Look at the 5 Major Roadblocks That You Need To Overcome In Traditional Patient Referral:

  • People do not NOT anymore talk to each other face to face they way they used to.
  • Social media – texting and pictures sharing became the norm. – sometimes even when sitting next to each other.
  • The doctor and staff NEVER very much like to ask for (“begging” for) patients referrals — so this task gets forgotten.
  • You are not in control of how many new patients come in from referrals.
  • Whatever you were doing and whichever way it worked. patient referrals is working less now than before –and will with no doubt get worse.
[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”center” font_style=”bold” font_color=”%23dc0000″ left_padding=”20″]Remember: Your goal is to have a good stream of new patients and thus having the production and collection you like. If one avenue of marketing — such as traditional patient referral — is no longer producing the numbers you need, it’s time to change![/text_block]

The Life Moment Pictures Program Allows Your Patients & Even Non-Patients (Your Community At Large) to Massively Share YOUR MESSAGE Without The Tedious Work of “Asking” For Referrals!

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Consumer-generated contents (the community speaking about you and your practice) are a lot more believable than your own advertising contents. 

Life Moment Pictures work on the phenomenon that people LOVE pictures and videos. 

Photos and videos posted account for 75% of all posts to #1 network Facebook, and over 80% of shares!

Now more than 40 billion images have been posted to Instagram – with the rate at 80 million + per day!

This program uses photos / pictures generated by your patients and non-patients and put those images in front of tens of thousands of eyeballs — with your logos, name and messages thus creating endorsements, positive word-of-mouth and referrals from people who are not even your patients yet![/text_block]

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You do not have to toot your own horn through Advertising but massively Un-advertise to your local community and increase new patients through picture sharing!!! 


How the Life Moment Pictures Program Work:

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Photos and videos posted account for 75% of all posts to #1 network Facebook, and over 80% of shares![/text_block]

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Step Two:  Have Them Text the Picture to a Designated Number

No Special App Needed
Patients simply text the photo to our proprietary software. You do not need to manage any software on your end.[/text_block]

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Step Three:  They Get It Back with Your Message, Logo & Link to Any Landing Page You Like.

Your logo and message are inserted.
You and your staff would do no work in this process. Yes, we will also do ALL THE DESIGNING for you![/text_block]

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Step Four:  Patients Share Their “Life Moment” Photos

Patients are encouraged to share the picture to their social media network.
One share can typically reach 200-300 people. And many of those connections will further share the picture. This is called “viral.”[/text_block]

RESULT: Your Message Seen “Naturally” By Hundreds of People PER SHARE!

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Further Results: The pictures get liked, shared and spread even further “NATURALLY” to more people — all from connections on social media.


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Instead of You Tooting Your Own Horn, Now Other People are Tooting the Horn For You!

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The communication tool in communities across the US including yours has become the MOBILE DEVICE.

The channel of communication: SOCIAL MEDIA


If a picture speaks a thousand words, our
LIFE MOMENT PICTURES program tells a STORY — about a happy patient connected with your practice.

Patients referrals via word-of-mouth is now truly AUTOMATIC and MASSIVE!


You can use Life’s Moments Picture Marketing for Any and All Occasions — Even outside your practice!

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In Summary

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  1. Other people tooting the horn for you because of the positive message you put out is more effective than you tooting your own horn.
  2. You can now build trust and recognition even before a new patient step into your office.
  3. You get “patient referrals” without awkwardly asking for it!


Achieving this end result is actually easier in “bad economical times than in good times.”

HINT: The competition is drying out by being inert and WAITING for things naturally to get better.

Can you see that??


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