How well one can duplicate (scale)
business procedures is perhaps the single
most important key to FINANCIAL SUCCESS!

You Love Your Profession, But Would You Also
Like to Have Multiple Streams of Income
Without Trading Time for Money?


Un-Work is a Done-For-You service to create multiple income streams that are safe, steady and without involving your time.

It is completely hands-off and does not require any management nor hiring of any personnel.

"The secret to success is not luck or having a good idea at the right time.

It happens to be your ingenuity on how you can, if at all possible, repeat (duplicate) a money-making action as often as needed, without your personal time involved, so that you can take home the profit you want, while still having the time for a private life."

- Helmut Flasch, CEO Flasch International, Founder of the award winning Un-Advertising marketing strategy

ABC News

“…provides doctors and business owners with a new way of generating income without personal involvement….”

NBC News

“…powerful program which allows physicians to tap into the rapidly growing trend of the internet market.”


Dental Economics

“…integrates a more dentist-comfortable method for acquiring professional and patient referrals…”


CBS Channel 2 News

“They are all over the United States … it’s people helping people…”


So the question is: how many money-making opportunities can you have without ever involving your time?

A dental or medical practice or any business which rely on the owners skills is hard to be duplicated.

Personally I must tell you that duplicating my own consulting business is not quite as easy as I would like it to be, but as a dental practice consultant I have noticed that duplicating a dental or medical practice is even more trying.

Yes – even though we have managed to help many a doctor to become what we call an “Absentee Owner” for the last 30 years, I have noticed that more and more doctors are finding it harder and harder to hire the right personnel, be it an assistant, doctor or administrative personnel.


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The constant fight with insurance companies for getting paid a fair share as well as other government regulations is making them tired, so they say.

There literally are more such comments year in and year out.

For thirty years, I have tried to tell those doctors that while they are right, there however is a way out via super good marketing and through thinking like larger businesses and/or thinking like an entrepreneur.

As said, we succeeded with a great many doctors helping them earning more money, and having more free time, but I admit it does become slightly more difficult to do so.

The truth is that doctors really do have more reasons to be negative about their professional and financial future – even though my recommendations that I gave for 30 years now are still good to follow and are perhaps the only way to have financial success in a practice and tell about it .

But why not do something by engaging in other money-making opportunities, -– in addition to the practice --- if it is far, far, easier to duplicate and actually has a higher income potential, with no demand on time and location, as well as low risk?

You think such a thing does not exist?
Too good to be true?

Well, why then are thousands, actually hundreds of thousands of ordinary people, –- usually a bit younger ones – who have an online internet business selling widgets, gadgets, vitamins, how-to courses, even investment opportunities, precious metals etc. around the world making mid to high 5 figure and even 6 figure incomes per month?

The internet is why old-fashioned businesses such as retailers of anything, are scared shit about their survival (even though that fear is a bit blown up and exaggerated as the internet business has not yet reached 10% of the overall business. Retailers will still be surviving for a long time to come.)

So Let's Summarize:

Un-Work is a Done-For-You service to create multiple income streams using automation on the Internet that are safe, steady and without involving your time.

It is completely hands-free and does not require any management nor hiring of any personnel.

I am not saying that you should give up practicing as it is probably a passion for you and hopefully does earn you a respectable income.

What I am saying is that it is literally a crime against yourself and your family not to engage in a second income potential greater than your practice which never ever chains you to a place or time.

Our internet affiliate program is a business which not only can be done from anywhere in the world but also to anywhere in the world, and very importantly it can be done at anytime of the day or week.

Actually,  for you – right now – the most important thing is probably, the fact that this internet affiliate program is fully done by us at Flasch International.

The reason that this is probably the most important part is we have noticed by working with dentists, doctors, business owners for 30 years, is that you the doctor or business owner will have an extremely hard time setting time aside for:

(a) first learning how to use it.

(b) actually doing it.

If you are honest to yourself, because of points (a) and (b) above, there have been many a good business opportunities which never materialized for you.

The internet also has eliminated the problem of regional demand.

This makes this business as recession-proof as it gets. There is always a county or continent which will have demand for one or more (actually thousands) of products.

You now can always make money from items which currently sell well somewhere in the world.

One could make a 5 figure income every month and can do it without being chained to a location — it’s a beautiful thing this online selling thing! 

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Perhaps the whole thing is NOT for you – even though unlikely – but for sure you will love the info and it will be starting more creative business thoughts for years to come.

Helmut Flasch
Flasch International

I don’t think that the young generation has an inherent right to be the only ones to earn money online without being in location and time constraint.

What do YOU think?

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About Flasch International

Flasch International is most well-known for the national award-winning marketing strategy called “Un-Advertising.”

Un-Advertising means to make use of other entities outside your office to market your message for you.

“Instead of you tooting your own horn (advertising), get other people to toot the horn for you (un-advertising.)”

The founder, Mr. Helmut Flasch, has helped doctors, dentists and small to large 

business owners in over 3 continents to grow and expand their businesses.

Helmut is also a bestselling author. His works consist of: 

  • Double Your Business, But Not Your Troubles
  • You Too Can Be Happy
  • Economic Deception and Jobless Recovery Exposed

As an international speaker, he has lectured to hundreds of thousands audiences around the world about solving seemingly complex work and life problems, with simple practical solutions.