An Award-Winning Trust-Based Marketing Strategy to attract new patients, double profits without wasting money in ads!

Finally! How to use Moral Authority and a Trust-Based Marketing Strategy to DOUBLE your practice profits -- without working longer hours!

You probably think, "This sounds too good to be true."

How about actually FINDING OUT how you can double practice profits at this FREE strategy meeting? Here are 7 things you will learn:

  1. How to attract high dental IQ patients (using Moral Authority and a trust-based marketing strategy) without wasting money in advertising?
  2. How to DOUBLE your new patient referrals in 90 days or less? 
  3. How to stop attracting cheap patients who are only looking for special deals? (Hint: it is not what most marketing companies tell you!)
  4. How to get featured in the news without spending a single dime in ads?
  5. How to increase practice profits in your office in the next 60-90 days with just ONE change in your practice?
  6. How to close high end treatment cases without discounting prices?
  7. How to double your take-home income as a practice owner in a sluggish economy — without working longer hours? ( We will show you 4 ways to make this year your biggest growth year!) 

BONUS Strategy
How to build recurring income streams WITHOUT seeing a patient! ( This is NOT network marketing or investing in risky ventures – it is NOT crypto either!)

Dentist shocked! His phone starts ringing off the hook...

Dentist beat all his previous marketing results with this ONE action...

"Un-Advertising is a trust-based marketing strategy which creates tremendous trust and moral authority for a business -- attracting high value customers without wasting money in advertising!"

This meeting is for practice owners who wish to FIND OUT exact strategies to DOUBLE practice profits -- and don't mind to take these exact ideas and IMPLEMENT these ideas in their practices, too.

The story of a dentist-turned-movie-producer

A dentist in Mumbai met Mr Flasch and have asked him if he could grow his practice beyond that of a solo practitioner. Mr Flasch answered with a resounding “Yes, of course!” and showed him how. Now, this dentist has two offices, with 30 doctors working for him.


But that is not the best yet. He also has enough time to pursue his hobby – film-making. He has produced a movie for which he has won an award because the movie has lasted 52 weeks in the box office, shown in theaters across the country!

“Thanks to Mr Flasch, I achieved my goal for my practice and I also attained my goal for my personal life!”
-Dr UT, dentist in Mumbai

What Do Doctors Say About "Un-Advertising"?

Below: Doctors Using Un-Advertising Strategy Making an Impact in Their Community

"They are all over the United States. It's people helping people." -- CBS News

About Helmut Flasch

Helmut Flasch, CEO, Flasch International

“Instead of you tooting your own horn (advertising), get other people to toot the horn for you (un-advertising.)”

Flasch International is most well-known for the national award-winning marketing strategy called “Un-Advertising”. Un-Advertising means to make use of other entities outside your office to market your message for you.
The founder, Mr. Helmut Flasch, has helped doctors, dentists and small to large business owners in over 3 continents to grow and expand their businesses.

Helmut is also a bestselling author. His works consist of:

  • Double Your Business, But Not Your Troubles
  • You Too Can Be Happy
  • Economic Deception and Jobless Recovery Exposed
As an international speaker, he has lectured to hundreds of thousands audiences around the world about solving seemingly complex work and life problems, with simple practical solutions.

The positive work of Un-Advertising has been featured in the following entities and many more across the country