How to Become a Best-Selling Author

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Your Book is the Best Brochure


“Books are the legacies that a great genius leaves to mankind, which are delivered down from generation to generation as presents to the posterity of those who are yet unborn.”

Joseph Addison (May 1, 1672 – June 17, 1719) an English essayist and poet.

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(Some famous titles that were self-published before they become well-known)


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Who Is This Program For?

This is a program designed especially for writers and non-writers who would like to get out a message to help people while at the same time be paid well for it. It is also for people who wish to retire early with lots of money in the bank.

Some of you reading this have never written a book. Some of you have dreamed about getting out a book about a favorite topic some day but you have not acted on that dream. Some of you have already written books but you have sold very little copies and most importantly have not used your book to create additional income. Some of you go “what book?”[/text_block]

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Why Write a Book?

  1. A book is the ultimate brochure – it promotes your services and business and gets you FREE publicity. Most important of all, it gets you more patient referrals, doctor referrals and more business – period!
  2. It makes you stick out among your competitors.
  3. It makes you an authority in your field — professors in colleges are pressured to publish books to further their teaching careers. The phrase “publish or perish” means professors who do not publish books will lose their place and not advance in their faculty.
  4. It gives you new sources of income – speaking engagements, memberships, CDs, health products and the sale of any profit center items. Mr. Robert Kiyosaki, author of the New York Times best seller book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” initially wrote his book to sell his educational game called Cashflow. Robert Allen, the real estate investment guru, used his book “No Money Down” to sell his real estate investment course.
  5. For doctors who have been unhappy with the cutback in insurance reimbursements, being an author opens the door for other income streams that are not controlled by the insurance companies and which are not as time-consuming as doctoring.
  6. For doctors who are considering retiring, their income does not need to diminish just because they have cut back on practicing. Becoming a Best-Selling author opens up new income streams that are easy to maintain and yet still brings in solid income.


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Why Become a Best Selling Author?

There are a large percentage of books published every year that have not made a single dime for the author. They are unknown to the majority of people out there. They have never been sold in bookstores in large quantities nor have they been sold in large quantities anywhere else!

Some doctors have told us that they have books published in their name but the books have done little improvement in business for them.

Publishing a book is not enough, you need to make it a Best Seller if you wish to open the door to other financial goldmines.

Even if you have published with an established publisher, it does not guarantee that you will become a best-seller. In fact, 95% of book writers sell less than 500 books even though they have a publisher and their books are in major bookstores!

Contrary to common beliefs, you do not need to write award-winning novels or be a Tim Russert or Stephen King to have a best-selling status.

You do not even need to lift a finger to write if you have no time. (Talk to us about our ghost-writing program)

But you do need to learn how to make your book a best-seller

Our ‘How to Become A Best-Selling Author’ program will make you a best-seller author within 4-6 months after your book is released!

Being a best-selling author will create income streams that will build up to a perfect exit strategy for those would like to be less hand-cuffed to their practice or who like to do something else besides their profession.

This is an exit strategy of style, fame, wealth and most importantly, you now have the power of impacting a large number of people positively – more so than practicing as a working doctor.[/text_block]

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Outlines of This Program:

  1. How to make your book a completed product without a long runway (If you do not have time to write, enroll for our ghost-writing service to get the book completed for you.)
  2. How to take an already published book and breathe new life into it to make it a best-seller.
  3. Using customized radio and TV Interviews which we will create for you to promote the book.
  4. How to get FREE publicity on radio and TV stations after you have become a Best-Seller and this publicity will promote a) more of your book and b) your other services/products.
  5. How to use the books to sell more services to your patients and at the same time get more repeat business and get more patient referrals.
  6. How to get more doctors and other professional referrals as a result of your book?
  7. How to increase word-of-mouth in your community about your book.
  8. How to use the book to create more new patients/customers.


[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]One of the most common questions asked is: should I promote my book to a publisher or use an agent instead of self-publishing?

Here are some facts about working with a publishing house or literary agent:

  1. You as an author make very little profit – about 10-15% of the book sales.
  2. It takes up to a year to get the book published after you have it written – it is a long runway.
  3. You will get lots of rejections by publishing houses. Many manuscripts cross their desks on a daily basis, you have to knock on their doors persistently — no different than a door-to-door salesman. Richard Bach’s Jonathan Livingston Seagull got rejected 20 times before a publisher picked it up. The ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ got rejected 33 times.
  4. Once they have accepted you, they might want you change the titles, designs, contents of your book.
  5. 95% of book writers sell less than 500 books even though they have a publisher. Publishing with an agent does not mean your book will become a best-seller!
  6. You have to promote the book yourself. They do not promote the book for you except getting it the bookstores in which it get lost and which is meaningless as you can see from the above point that most writers sell less than 500 books
  7. There are thousands of books in the same category as yours in the bookstore – unless you are Donald Trump, Danielle Steel etc you will not get exposed correctly in the bookstore.
  8. You cannot sell the book directly to any organization and keep the profits as your agent needs to take the cut off the top.
  9. Many larger publishers now search the shelves and the internet for self-published books that could fit their publishing program. They are interested in self-published books that have already performed. And as they knock on your door, you now have an option of selling re-print rights to them if you wish to.

Many successful best-selling authors started off with self-publishing, here are some names which you might recognize:

Robert Kiyosaki, Deeprak Chopra, Stephen King, John Grisham, Benjamin Franklin, Virginia Woolf, Ernest Hemingway, Edgar Allen Poe, George Bernard Shaw, Mark Twain and Henry David Thoreau.[/text_block]

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Publishers and big names in the field support self-publishing:

“We’re always watching what’s going on with self-publishers. We always ask our reps to keep their eyes open.”
Random House

“Every single publisher is on the lookout for self-publishers.”
Simon & Schuster

“Now it’s very frequent for mainstream houses to go prospecting among the self-published books to make them their own.”
The New York Times

“The film rights to self-published books are getting acquired even before the big houses can get them onto bookstore shelves with their own imprints on them.”

“Self publishing has become a legitimate method of getting into print as libraries and even bookstore superchains are opening their shelves to the growing number of entrepreneurial writers.”

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Becoming a Best Selling Author Is Like Winning The Olympics

(And like winning the Olympics, it is only the beginning of great recognition and financial success)

Winning the Olympics is the dream of many athletics and for those who embark on this journey, they do so at great expense – personal sacrifice of pursuing other careers and shouldering great financial burdens.

Until they have won that coveted medal, they have no fame and make no money. Instead, they have only spent time, effort and money.

So why is the Olympic dream a worthwhile investment? Why are so many parents of young budding athletics willing to shoulder great financial burdens for their child to become an Olympic champion?

Answer: the lifetime fame, recognition, the phenomenal financial returns, the number of opportunities that now emerged for an Olympic champion grossly outweigh the hardships of the prior investment.

Becoming a best-selling author is ONLY the beginning. It will cost you time, effort and money (investing in this program, writing and printing your book, doing marketing strategies all cost time, effort and money!)

But the title of a best-selling author -which stays with you forever — opens up incredible financial opportunities that include new income streams, speaking engagements, radio and TV publicity, more business for your practice etc.

And knowing how to harness the power of that title will give you a financially rewarding and high-class exit strategy should you decide to exit from your profession.[/text_block]

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How Does Breakthrough Marketing Help You To Become A Best-Selling Author?

Breakthrough Marketing is an award-winning company that has helped doctors for 17 years to expand their business volume and increase their take-home income through a unique marketing strategy called “Un-Advertising”.

Un-Advertising means the methodology of getting other people to toot the horn for you instead of you having to toot your own horn, which is advertising.

We have appeared on major dental, chiropractic and medical publications throughout the United States and we have been interviewed on CBS Channel 2 news and Mr. William Shatner’s Heartbeat of America.

The ‘supporters’ of your book do not come only from your close friends or relatives. With our marketing techniques, the support from your book will come from:

  1. All your patients/customers
  2. Your current pool of referring doctors
  3. Other doctors in your area who do not even know you now
  4. Community leaders – church leaders, police chiefs, fire chiefs, school principals, teachers, mayors, council members, public servants etc
  5. TV, radio and/or newspaper publicity (they are FREE!)
  6. Business owners in the area – no former business relationship with you needed for them to support your book
  7. Strangers who have ‘heard’ about your book through the huge publicity you will get from this program

When you can systematically create lots of support for your book, you will have a best-seller on your hand!

Remember, this is not a process depending on ‘luck’ or ‘hope’, it is a systematic process that uses marketing laws comparable to physical laws like the law of gravity.

We show you how to ‘systematically’ make your book a best-seller![/text_block]

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Becoming a Best-Seller is not a matter of ‘luck’, it is achieved systematically with traditional time-proven marketing strategies.

Are you ready to become a Best Selling author?

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